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Whatever You Do–Don’t Cut Your AD Budget!

by Sean Tracey

Sure, it sounds self-serving coming from one who trades in advertising services—but don’t take it solely on my word.  Check the facts1.  There are multiple research studies conducted and published by McGraw-Hill, Harvard Business Review, McKinsey, Coopers & Lybrand, American Business Media, and others (independent, non-agency firms, with no conflict of interest).  These studies prove, historically, that advertisers who stayed the course during economic downturns fared better in both sales and profits during a recession and for years after it was over.  So, pulling back on your advertising during tough times will cost you market share and sales for your company and its products.  Continuing to invest in advertising in a down economy has proven to reassure current customers (promote your company’s stability), win new customers for your brand – and even draw them away from competitors who have cut back on their advertising efforts. Continue reading


Bigelow Tea

Research conducted indicated a market niche for green tea for men.  Taking the “not your mother’s cup of tea” approach, we created a series of advertisements for national magazines including Men’s Health, FortuneGolf Digest, Money, Sports Illustrated and newspapers including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.  We were able to capture the imagination of men and move them towards the idea that green tea is good for health and a better option than a cup of coffee.  Bigelow Tea is now the #1 green tea in America and the #1 specialty tea brand in U.S.  When we began with Bigelow, they were #7.  How’s that for return on investment?  Also, the “Money Clip” ad we created was featured in the feature film, Fantastic Four II. The ad was chosen out of 70 ads submitted.  It was blown up to billboard size and featured prominently in an airport scene in the movie—great free advertising for our client, Bigelow Tea!

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Connect with Mindset Marketing

By Shannon Farrelly, Internet Advertising and Marketing Strategist

We’ve all heard the speculation that marketing and advertising as we know it is obsolete. And we all agree on the obvious—technology has changed the rules forever. But have consumers really abandoned advertising?

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Reader Poll: Influence Marketing with Social Networking

Networking has been a core tactic for building and marketing businesses long before the internet and has become even more critical with the explosion of services such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Ning. Web technology and the mass appeal of making connections online makes social networking an attractive channel for businesses that want to extend their word of mouth reach, credibility and influence.

While there’s plenty of buzz about social networks (socnets), most companies aren’t quite “wired” for enganging social communities just yet. Amidst all the shiny new objects of Web 2.0 web applications, it’s important to understand which networks are influential and relevant. Hence, our Reader Poll:

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New Manager for the Red Sox


No…but Sean is sitting in Terry Francona’s usual perch above the dugout at Fenway.

Following the success of the Joe Torre/NY Yankees ads, Bigelow has signed Terry Francona, manager of the Boston Red Sox, for its popular “Look Who’s Drinking Bigelow Green Tea Now” campaign.  Above, Sean was standing in for Francona on a location scout at Fenway.  Sean, Brenda Dziadzio, art director, John Goodman, photographer, and the rest of the Tracey Edwards agency will be shooting Francona at Fenway in early September!
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Is It True?


Laura Best, VP of Debit/Credit Operations at National Grand Bank, recently attended a charitable event in Boston where the usual introductions brought about a surprising reaction. While Laura was telling everyone about her position at NGB, someone from another table stood up and interrupts with, “Is it true that you have Free ATM Anywhere?!”  When your ad is recognized beyond your target market, you know you have arrived.

Sean Tracey Associates created and produced a multi-platform campaign for NGB’s “Free ATM Anywhere” offer, that included TV and Radio spots(NGB’s Radio Ad), Internet marketing, a Direct Mail piece, and In-Branch Merchandising.

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