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Prime-Time Tea

The OfficeLast week’s episode of The Office featured Bigelow’s Green Tea!  Being one of NBC’s hottest prime-time sitcoms (and one of iTunes most downloaded shows), it was great to see Bigelow’s Green Tea box so prominently displayed.  No, this wasn’t by accident, it was an intentional product placement.  Another one of our successful buzz marketing efforts for Bigelow.  Following the opening credits, you see Jim (John Krasinski) brewing his hot cup of Green Tea in the kitchen.  Take a peek at, click here (Season 5, Episode 7 “Business Trip”).  Jim drinks Bigelow Green Tea


The Polls Are In

"Green States" as seen in current issue of Time Magazine

As seen in the November 3rd issue of TIME magazine

The #1 Specialty tea brand in America goes to Bigelow, STA’s long time client.

This is Bigelow Tea’s second consecutive year in the #1 position.  Bigelow has a 6 point lead over the runner up (the #2 brand).  Bigelow Green Tea is now #1 throughout the United States.  The Mid Atlantic and Northeast Regions (Washington DC to New England) have chosen Bigelow Green Tea as their #1.  Popularity for Bigelow Green Tea continues to grow in these regions by 18%. The popularity of Bigelow Tea and Green Tea is also growing by an outstanding 30% in Boston and New York.  These two major cities represent the largest markets for tea.

R.C. Bigelow Company’s VP of Sales & Marketing, Bob Kelly, is ecstatic!  “I could have never imagined 5 years ago when we signed on with your agency that we could have come so far.” Congratulations Bob and Bigelow Tea for your overwhelming success!

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