The Polls Are In

"Green States" as seen in current issue of Time Magazine

As seen in the November 3rd issue of TIME magazine

The #1 Specialty tea brand in America goes to Bigelow, STA’s long time client.

This is Bigelow Tea’s second consecutive year in the #1 position.  Bigelow has a 6 point lead over the runner up (the #2 brand).  Bigelow Green Tea is now #1 throughout the United States.  The Mid Atlantic and Northeast Regions (Washington DC to New England) have chosen Bigelow Green Tea as their #1.  Popularity for Bigelow Green Tea continues to grow in these regions by 18%. The popularity of Bigelow Tea and Green Tea is also growing by an outstanding 30% in Boston and New York.  These two major cities represent the largest markets for tea.

R.C. Bigelow Company’s VP of Sales & Marketing, Bob Kelly, is ecstatic!  “I could have never imagined 5 years ago when we signed on with your agency that we could have come so far.” Congratulations Bob and Bigelow Tea for your overwhelming success!

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