A new independent film trailer has caught our attention here at STA, where we sweat the details and put our hearts and souls in every ad we create.  The film is “Art & Copy” and it takes an extremely interesting look at advertising.  We all know that advertising can affect and/or create an entire culture. With the absurd amount of ads that the average person is exposed to everyday (and the glut of just plain “bad” advertising) it’s easy to forget that the people behind some of these brilliant ads consider their work to be art, something with a purpose, and more than just a throw away.  The filmmaker, Doug Pray, speaks to a bunch of advertising’s most creative minds—the geniuses behind Apple’s iPod commercials, “Got Milk?”, and even Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?”  Pray, (also the director of SURFWISE, and HYPE!) takes an unexpected angle on advertising: “ I didn’t want to make a doc that just trashes trashy advertising. Too easy, too obvious, and why bother? Instead, granted access to a handful of the greatest advertising minds of the last fifty years, I felt it could be a more powerful statement to focus the film only on those rare few who actually moved and inspired our culture with their work,” states Pray.  The film has a limited theatrical release, but should be out on DVD shortly.  Check it out!

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