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Hispanic or Latino?

The government adopted the term “Hispanic” to keep population statistics and monitor compliance to Affirmative Action laws. On the other hand, some believe that the dominant culture in the U.S. imposed the label “Latinos” as a way of erasing hispanics’ identity and their past.  The answer isn’t as clear-cut as one might expect. Choosing one term over the other means taking a political, social, and even a generational stand. Some vigorously support one and condemn the other and would even feel insulted if referred to by one of these appellations.  It’s a never ending debate that I don’t understand.  Continue reading


Success Story

Positive feedback is something everybody likes to hear, especially from a happy customer!  On his flight back from Pittsburgh,  Robert Kelly, Senior V.P. of Sales and Marketing for Bigelow, was seated next to key note speaker and author of “Coloring Outside the Lines”, Jeff Tobe and had a discussion about Bigelow’s Green Tea.  Tobe confessed that his wife had been trying to get him to drink Bigelow’s Green Tea and that he agreed that it would be a good thing to start. Jeff and Bob were also discussing the fact that one of the largest growth segments for drinking Bigelow Green Tea is men and that is why Bigelow had enlisted sports legends Continue reading

Grateful for advertising

STA has recently been working on a series of ads for Huggins Hospital, which will all be running in The Granite State News. The main goal of these ads is to celebrate and recognize the outstanding staff and departments at Huggins Hospital, rather then simply “selling” the physician practices and services.  The first ad featured Dr. Timothy Pinard. Judging by the letter to the editor of the newspaper (re-printed below) and the buzz that the hospital is hearing about the article, the launch of the campaign has been a major success. As Marianne Murphy, Huggins Hospital Marketing Manager, said, “It’s rare you get this kind of comment…actually thanking you for running an ad!”

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Upcoming Events

STA is preparing for two exciting upcoming events!   On May 21, NEFMA (New England Financial Marketing Association) will have Sean speak at their Spring 2010 conference in Providence, RI.  He will present his popular workshop, CREATIVATE, a “roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-your-brain-going” session that proves that everyone is creative. He will also prove that you can make great ads with small budgets, and that often lack of  money can actually force you to be more creative and come up with breakthrough marketing strategies.  Sean will provide examples of effective guerilla solutions and offer inspiring tools and techniques for marketers to come up with new ideas for their own institutions’ challenges. Continue reading

A Balanced Lifestyle: Working and Living in Portsmouth, NH

View of Portsmouth

When Sean Tracey Associates first moved from Manchester to Portsmouth, NH, we were met with a lot of comments. Friends and clients were curious about the potential for success of running an ad agency in such a small, touristic town.  “You’ll have so many distractions and such a great life on the Seacoast.  Stay in Manchester where there’s nothing else to do but work,” one colleague/ad agency owner laughed (his agency was in Manchester, of course).  More recently, while brainstorming for the Human Resources Department at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, we revisited and recommitted to the importance of making  a living in a fun place where you can have a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It has been almost twenty years since that bold move, and we are happy to offer our top ten reasons why we love living and working in Portsmouth. Continue reading