A Balanced Lifestyle: Working and Living in Portsmouth, NH

View of Portsmouth

When Sean Tracey Associates first moved from Manchester to Portsmouth, NH, we were met with a lot of comments. Friends and clients were curious about the potential for success of running an ad agency in such a small, touristic town.  “You’ll have so many distractions and such a great life on the Seacoast.  Stay in Manchester where there’s nothing else to do but work,” one colleague/ad agency owner laughed (his agency was in Manchester, of course).  More recently, while brainstorming for the Human Resources Department at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, we revisited and recommitted to the importance of making  a living in a fun place where you can have a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It has been almost twenty years since that bold move, and we are happy to offer our top ten reasons why we love living and working in Portsmouth.

1. The cozy town of Portsmouth and beautiful New England scenery provides many opportunities to relax.  And taking a break after a hectic work day is vital for coming back the next day completely recharged and ready to go.
2.  Despite what some people think, great  marketing doesn’t need to come from Madison Avenue, Chicago, or LA.
3.  Today’s technology allows a company to function almost anywhere on the planet. Being located off the beaten path is no longer a fault, but instead can make a business unique.

4.  Living in a “real” place (that is both urban and rural), with “real” people is a major advantage for an advertising agency–we know how to connect with customers from both city and country.

5.  Big agencies in big cities need big amounts of money. STA can perform at the same high quality standards with lower operating expenses. That means more for your money for our clients.

6.  A strong and close community is a powerful tool when you want to raise happy and healthy kids.

7.  The geographic location, historic past and cultural strength of Portsmouth regularly land it on various “best places to live” lists. Prevention Magazine named Portsmouth one of the top 100 walking cities in America for 2008.  Also in 2008, the National Trust for Historic Preservation named Portsmouth to its list of America’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations , calling the city “one of the most culturally rich destinations in the country, with a stimulating mix of historic buildings, sidewalk cafes, great restaurants, art galleries, jazz clubs and distinctive artisans’ boutiques.”

8.  In a 2010 statistical survey, and for the last three years in a row, New Hampshire ranks as the “Safest State” in the U.S. in which to live, according to Washington-based CQ Press.

9.  In 2009, Forbes Traveler listed Portsmouth as one of America’s Prettiest Towns.

10. Our clients from out-of-town and out-of-state love to visit us, bring their families, and stay the weekend.

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