Success Story

Positive feedback is something everybody likes to hear, especially from a happy customer!  On his flight back from Pittsburgh,  Robert Kelly, Senior V.P. of Sales and Marketing for Bigelow, was seated next to key note speaker and author of “Coloring Outside the Lines”, Jeff Tobe and had a discussion about Bigelow’s Green Tea.  Tobe confessed that his wife had been trying to get him to drink Bigelow’s Green Tea and that he agreed that it would be a good thing to start. Jeff and Bob were also discussing the fact that one of the largest growth segments for drinking Bigelow Green Tea is men and that is why Bigelow had enlisted sports legends including Joe Torre, Wayne Gretzky, Terry Francona, and Phil Simms as spokespeople and were advertising in men’s magazines like Sports Illustrated, Men’s Health, Money, and Golf Digest.

At this point a gentleman sitting across the aisle was listening in on the conversation and couldn’t help but join in.  He exclaimed that he has totally given up coffee and soda by drinking nothing but Bigelow Green Tea, and that he started this based entirely on Joe Torre’s endorsement of the brand!  Now that’s the kind of brand advocacy and passion we were always hoping for when we launched this Green Tea for Men campaign for our client.

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