From Cameron Kane- Intern 2008

“I was just promoted at my current company (CSN Stores) to their online marketing team. They were extremely impressed with the knowledge I got from being an intern at STA so I figured I would pass the kudos and thanks again on to you! Isabel Cravens (another STA internship grad) is here at the same company and she is doing extremely well. She’s taken a leadership role for her group and excelling.” – Cameron Kane

A special congratulations to our recent interns, Cameron and Isabel, for landing jobs with the CSN stores online marketing team. ~STA

From our 2009 Intern Kelly Martin:

Its 9:00 A.M. and college students across the globe are arriving at their jobs, sitting at their desks and preparing for a day in the life of an intern. This day may consist of organizing files, making pots of coffee, or plugging meaningless numbers into countless excel spreadsheets. An intern is considered lucky to have the opportunity to meet clients, listen in on important meetings, and work–even if only briefly–with the founder, president, or CEO of their employer.

Well I must be the luckiest intern in the world.

Rather than making coffee, I’m making suggestions for a client’s new tag line. Instead of watching training videos, I’m watching a film shoot — not on a TV or through a computer screen, but live, learning first hand from the experience. And the majority of file managing I do are with my own files–ones that I have created or been a part of for the benefit of the company or a client. My experience at Sean Tracey Associates, is challenging, interesting, and extremely hands-on, the way an internship should be.

On top of the great experience I’ve gotten working in the world of marketing and advertising, I’ve also learned a lot from STA’s corporate culture. For example, I’ve learned that good things really do come in small packages; STA is a surprisingly small agency considering the success of our work. This however is due to the fact that our smaller office nurtures a healthier and closer working environment. From my desk I can see and hear all of my coworkers, so when someone is on the phone–talking about ad specs, new creative, and so on–its as if I have the opportunity to listen in and learn from the conference call. Further more, I have the opportunity to work with the creative director and founder himself, and not only that, but I speak with Sean face to face, multiple times a day (video chats and phone conferences with a boss just don’t scream “I care that you work here”). I cant ask for a better person to learn from or a better way to experience the advertising industry.

Another major lesson I’ve taken from my internship is about the power of attitude. STA interns are encouraged to be a part of creative brainstorming sessions, and the office urges the concept that no idea is a bad one–in fact, these “bad” ideas often lead to the brilliant ones. And not only do I get to voice my opinion, but my coworkers actually listen to what I have to say. In fact, this very article that you, reader, are enjoying so much was an idea that came from me. Positive attitudes and respect for coworkers (and the occasional office pastry run) make STA a fun, interactive, and thriving workplace, not to mention the perfect learning environment for an intern.

My internship at Sean Tracey Associates has been exciting, to say the least. I am extremely thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had with such a wonderful company, and only hope that students interested in the advertising, marketing, and film industries also make the most of this experience. And to all of those interns stuck fetching coffee and organizing files: there’s always next semester!


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