Monthly Archives: October 2010

Development Films Earn Business Excellence Nomination

Sean Tracey Associates is very honored to be nominated for a New Hampshire Business Excellence Award. The award is presented to a small business for its imagination, industriousness, innovation, achievements and dedication to the larger community. At STA, for instance, we have put our expertise to work to help raise money for Cross Roads House (a homeless shelter serving eastern New Hampshire and southern Maine), creating fund raising videos that have raised over $500,000 for a more cost and energy efficient shelter.  We’ve also done pro bono work for City Year NH, Seacoast Academy, and OdysseyNH in the past year. Continue reading


STA making history at the Rockingham


The Rockingham's 18th Century facade


We are very excited to announce that we finally found our new office space.  On October 1st, STA purchased the Langdon Suite—part of the historic Rockingham House in Portsmouth NH. The Rockingham is one of the most beautiful buildings in town, with a rich history.  When built, the payroll for the construction of the RH was more than that for the entire Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Continue reading

15 Minutes of Fame

In 1968 Andy Warhol said, “Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”  His prediction seems to be more and more attainable in this new era of social media. Now, all you have to do is make a video of a silly dance, a cute kitten, or film your child on pain killers. Some people go out of their way seeking their “15 minutes,” while others just stumble upon it.  This is the case for Matt Harding. In 2003, a friend told him to do his funny dance while visiting Hanoi and post it on YouTube.  The rest is history.  Actually, Matt’s fame didn’t just magically happen overnight. Instead, the video floated around in cyberspace for year until someone showed it to someone who showed it to someone. One group of people that happened to get interested in it were some marketers from Stride Gum.  They saw the potential. So, in 2006, Stride Gum sent Matt on a 6 month trip to 39 different countries to do his little jig. Continue reading