Sean Tracey Honored to Work With Hollywood Stars

Sean Tracey is very excited about his upcoming film shoot this weekend in Los Angeles. He will be flying to the west coast for a shoot and producing the film for his longtime friend and colleague. writer/actor Brian Connors.  Connors has appeared in a number of Tracey’s finest commercials over the years, so Tracey did not hesitate to jump on board the production when invited.  “Morty & Marcus” the working title, is a film that will serve as a pilot for a longer film, much like Woody Allen’s New York Stories, a series of interconnected vignettes/shorts also written by Brian Connors.

Sean Tracey will be working among some of Hollywoods greatest. Actors Ed Asner (Carl Fredricksen in the Oscar winning film “UP” and Emmy winner for his role as Lou Grant in the “Mary Tyler Moore Show”) and Mark Rydell (Director of Oscar wining film “On Golden Pond” and played in “The Long Goodbye”) will be the principal actors in this film.  Sean also secured his good friend and collaborator, cinematographer Barry Markowitz (Sling Blade, Crazy Heart, All the Pretty Horses) to work with him on this film.  Sean Tracey Associates will edit and post produce the film after Tracey’s return from L.A..  Keep a lookout here on our blog and elsewhere for info about the film’s debut and film festival circuit!


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