STA Intern Stands Out @ UNH

Last March, the University of New Hampshire Sailing Team’s future looked bleak when their boathouse burned to the ground.  They  lost everything.  Sailing Team Captain and Sean Tracey Associates intern, Brittany Healy, stepped up to the plate as one of the main organizers of  the boathouse reconstruction.  She was there last March and saw the flames coming out of the tree line and was heartbroken to hear they had lost 55 boats. Brittany stated, “It was devastating. It was hard to believe that the boathouse was gone.”

In December, Brittany was delighted that the 60 members of the UNH Sailing Team cut the ribbon to the a newly rebuilt boathouse. Despite the fact that the team does not have half the boats they once did, they still feel very grateful. Brittany knew the team was fortunate to have so much community support over the past several months to help reconstruct the boathouse.  Through this hardship Brittany still managed to stay focused on her senior year course load and intern projects at STA’s office. To read more click here.


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