Free Advertising for Bigelow Tea Again?

Would you like a national magazine to just about republish your advertising concept and messaging into an article?  Well, that’s what happened for our client, Bigelow Tea.  The article asks: What’s in your purse? Well according to Kimora Lee Simmons (wife of Russell Simmons, the music, media, and clothing mogul) in “US Weekly,” she doesn’t go anywhere without her Bigelow Tea.  Does this ring a bell?   Sean Tracey Associates created an advertisement a couple years ago, headlined, ESSENTIAL, that showed a woman’s purse with all the important things in it, and of course, prominently featuring a bag of Bigelow Green Tea.  The ad ran in O magazine (Oprah Winfrey’s), Cottage Life, and Family Circle, to name a few.  The ad copy reads, “There are those things that you just shouldn’t be without … like your Bigelow tea. Take it to go, any time, any place. Why compromise?”   Seems like Kimora took us literally, and the ad had influence on her.  Kimora states “I always have green tea, which I love for the antioxidants, I drink so much of it, I think it’s in my blood. And Perfect Peach Herb Tea- caffeine free for my kids.”  Now that’s the kind of results, and earned media that advertisers like to see!

OK, if you’ve been following our blog, you know this is not the first time this has happened.  Back in 2008, Bigelow’s “Money Clip” ad was used on a billboard in a blockbuster Hollywood movie, Fantastic Four II. The advertisement was chosen out of 70 that were submitted and it was featured in an airport scene. More great free publicity for Bigelow!


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