National TV Coverage for our Movie, Good Men.

Leeza Gibbons’ TV show, My Generation, will feature a segment on the movie, Good Men, a short film written & directed by Brian Connors, produced by Sean Tracey, and starring Ed Asner and Mark Rydell.  Connors and Tracey are two long time friends and colleagues.  Connors has appeared in a number of Tracey’s TV commercials over the years. Connors was recently interviewed by the Emmy nominated AARP television series, My Generation.

The segment is titled “Behind the Scenes,” and it, Connors walks the viewer through the everyday life of a working writer/actor in LA.  Through his perseverance and determination, he has made quite a name for himself and is now promoting his next endeavor, Good Men. The segment shows close friends and family’s reactions to the film and gives the 11 and half minute piece a lot of promise.

“Behind the Scenes” will be playing all around the country on public television, Click here to see where it will be playing in your town. Sean Tracey Associates is very excited for this piece to air and hopes it brings more awareness to our movie,  Good Men.


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