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Small Batch Advertising

With ad agencies…is bigger  always better?  In our industry, it seems a large number of agency employees gives some clients confidence that the quality of their campaigns will improve.  At STA, we can’t wait for the inevitable question (it’s always asked) during a new business presentation or inquiry, “How many employees do you have at STA?”  This gives us the opportunity to explain our “Small Batch” philosophy and long-standing habit of putting small account teams together to do the creative and production that our clients need.  We’re not interested in volume of projects or clients, just quality.   This has served us well during the recent downturn in the economy.  In fact, business is way up for STA since 2008.

So, why do clients think an agency needs to be big?  Perhaps, they’re concerned about capacity and workload.  Our biggest clients are always amazed at how much work we can do for a “small” agency.  They never seem to tap our capacity.  That’s because, in fact, we don’t have one.

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Revitalizing and Rebuilding an Employee Brand

The Human Resources Department at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital was in need of establishing a unique brand that accurately represented all 3000+ employees for all of their recruitment advertising. Over the course of several months in 2009 and 2010, Sean Tracey Associates conducted a series of brand development sessions with current hospital employees. These focus groups allowed the WDH HR/Management team to collaborate, examine and define the Employee Brand and Positioning on their own terms.

In the end, the idea of WDH as “the place they want to be” became an expression of belonging to something bigger than just a “job.” This helped to lay the ground work in developing the current employee brand messaging.

In the fall of 2010, Wentworth-  Douglass Hospital launched their new “WHERE YOU  BELONG” employee brand platform. First,
an internal marketing campaign  was launched for the employee  brand within the hospital. The employee kick-off event included a “Where You  Belong” contest and presentations through the day with with the screening  of “The Making of the WDH Brand,” a behind the scenes video look at the branding  process. Now in 2011, the new “look and feel” of the WDH employee has been rolled out on Patient Care-Vans, Exterior Building Banners, Internal Collateral,  Recruitment Print Ads, Interior Roll-Out Banners, Web Banners, a new Book of  Stories, spotlighting the amazing stories behind a handful of Wentworth-Douglass Hospital employees.

Initially retained by Human Resources, STA has now been brought on to rebrand  both the hospital and hospital-owned physician practice marketing with this new concept.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry @ Popovers,Downtown Portsmouth.

You know you’re in the Live-Free-or-Die State when…
This morning we were simply appreciating the gift of a beautiful August day – bright blue skies, a light summer breeze rolling off the river and a quiet breakfast among people we enjoy.  Hoping, maybe, for a little extra cream cheese on our bagel or a window-seat to enjoy our cup of tea.  Today our morning coffee and croissant was served with a Presidential contender!  Texas Governor Rick Perry got his am dose of face-time with a Texas-sized crowd of NH voters and news crews today at Popovers in Downtown Portsmouth, NH!  We wondered, might this be our next Commander-in-Chief? Eh- still too soon to say.  Either way we didn’t need our extra turbo shot of expresso in our coffee this morning…NH Primary Season has begun.

ED Asner Talks About STA-Produced Movie GOODMEN

Emmy-Award winning Actor and former president of the Screen Actors Guild, Ed Asner, most famously known for his roll as Lou Grant on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, its spin-off series Lou Grant, and receiving an Emmy  for his voice characterization for the animated film Up made an early morning phone call from California into the Gene Valicenti Show on WPRO radio about his role in the new movie, Good Menproduced by Sean Tracey Associates.

On the show, which airs in Rhode Island on Saturday mornings from 9AM-12PM, Asner compared the United States Empire of current television (specifically reality television) to that of the Roman Empire, in which there were arenas filled with people getting torn apart by lions and tigers.

In Good Men, Asner and co-star Mark Rydell play two elderly Jewish lifelong friends and colleagues, who the afternoon before an Oscar party get into an argument about sensitive issues including the Holocaust, September 11th, and a handful of conspiracy allegations.

Good Men was recently part of the Rhode Island Film Festival, and will be screened in many upcoming festivals across the country.

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