Small Batch Advertising

With ad agencies…is bigger  always better?  In our industry, it seems a large number of agency employees gives some clients confidence that the quality of their campaigns will improve.  At STA, we can’t wait for the inevitable question (it’s always asked) during a new business presentation or inquiry, “How many employees do you have at STA?”  This gives us the opportunity to explain our “Small Batch” philosophy and long-standing habit of putting small account teams together to do the creative and production that our clients need.  We’re not interested in volume of projects or clients, just quality.   This has served us well during the recent downturn in the economy.  In fact, business is way up for STA since 2008.

So, why do clients think an agency needs to be big?  Perhaps, they’re concerned about capacity and workload.  Our biggest clients are always amazed at how much work we can do for a “small” agency.  They never seem to tap our capacity.  That’s because, in fact, we don’t have one.

Unlike agencies with high employee overhead, we’re totally willing and prepared to add more designers, mechanical artists, film & video crews, editors, etc., as needed to support a project. All are under the direction of and extend our core crew.  Agencies with a larger payroll simply cannot do that—they have too much money invested paying their staff during slow periods to bring in outside help during boom times.  Clients just have to wait when it gets busy.

At STA we have a conviction that, just like with the very best bourbon, in our business, smaller is better.  We give tender-loving care to every client and every project.  Our relationship with our clients is based on trust and great communication.  We make ourselves approachable at every stage of the campaign.  We take care of the details and are lucky to have put together a distinctive, talented team in whom we put our trust—most of whom we’ve worked with for many years.   This is advertising for connoisseurs—those who can appreciate the labour of love that goes into each handcrafted campaign.  If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of our philosophy, contact us for a list of references and clients who will happily answer your questions.


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