Proven Social Media Numbers for Town & Country

Town & Country Federal Credit Union’s Facebook page has been exploding with activity as of late.
Sure, it’s easy to throw numbers around, but what is making such a big difference?  Why are so many people becoming so interested in a credit union in Maine?  Simply put, it’s because of The Better Neighbor Fund (BNF), a community outreach program STA conceived and created for Town & Country last year.  Through the BNF, T&C has been hugely successful at connecting to community organizations and their followers.    How does it work? Like last year, Town & Country Federal Credit Union is offering a total of $25,000 to 8 different local charities, and allowing people to vote for them via Facebook.  So not only are people visiting the page to vote, but each of the 65 nominated charities are visiting T&C’s page to promote themselves to the voters.  Add to that the people outside of the charities posting, encouraging  voters to choose their own preferred charity and you get exponential social media growth and activity.
How can you apply this information to your own cause?  Do something on your Facebook that involves and engages people.  No one wants to visit a company’s Facebook page that only talks about itself.  Ask questions.  Give prizes.  Talk about others and their interests.  It doesn’t hurt to promote yourself (that’s what the page is for after all), but if that’s all you do, you’ll lose interest fast.


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