Good Men Sold Out Screening @ NHFF

Sean Tracey and Brian Connors at Good Men Q&A

After Screening Party

Over four full days, from October 13th to 16th,  from morning till night, the  New Hampshire Film Festival made Portsmouth “the film center of New England”.   Days filled with top notch films from around the world—popcorn (of course) and nights celebrating and rubbing elbows with filmmakers, producers, directors, writers and film lovers from all over the country.  The NHFF is always a great success, not only because of the excellent job that the organization does, but also  the nature of our picturesque town allowing walking distance to all the screening venues and dozens of great restaurants to cleanse your creative palate between one film and the next.  Our community is small and warm and has always supported the arts.   NHFF got validated further last year, landing Francis Ford Coppola Winery as a lead sponsor.  We’re happy to report that Good Men,  Sean Tracey Associates  latest film, starring Ed Asner and Mark Rydell and written and directed by Brain Connors, had over 600 people attend and a sold out screening on Sunday.   What’s next?  Stay tuned for news of our next film…until then 😉


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