Casino at Hampton Beach

Get ready for the new fantastic lineup at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom!

This year the Ballroom has a lot of new changes, many of which brought along by the work here at STA.  Through large amounts of research, as well as numerous focus groups that polled both current customers and the general public, STA implemented both organizational and physical changes to the venue, along with a new marketing approach.  STA worked hand in hand with Andrew Herrick, Director of Marketing at the Casino Ballroom to both ensure and show that the Casino Ballroom has the most intimate live experience and some of the most interesting “heritage” of any live music and entertainment venue in New England.

Some of the major marketing changes this led to include the new TV spot, which you can see below.  A new and improved logo (seen on the left) and motto, “See it. Hear it. Live it. Live.”

Also, look for the shout out to STA and more information about the re-branding in this article, on and be sure to look at Casino Ballroom’s 2012 schedule.  It’s going to be amazing!


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