Swamp People & Sandwich Sauce

Tony Chachere Behind the ScenesTake a sneak peek at our “Behind the Scenes” video, featuring the quintessential Cajun swamp men, Troy Landry and his son Jacob. In this exclusive clip, you can see Sean directing the new commercial for Tony Chachere’s Famous Creole Cuisine’s new line of  “Sandwich Sauces”.   These guys are true Louisianians from Pierre Parte in deep Louisiana and, of course, the popular stars of History Channel’s Swamp People.  Troy Landry, undeniably the “King of the Swamp,” and Louisiana Life Magazine’s 2011 “Louisianian of the Year” can be seen being coached on by Sean on set.  Not only does it look like they had a blast making the spot, but the commercial (and this great new line of products) is going to be a big hit. Sean and company were brought in to produce and direct the commercial by Michael Benedict, of Benedict Advertising of Daytona Beach, Florida—Tony Chachere’s long-time agency-of-record.  Benedict also happens to be a member of the Mcann Agency Network with Sean, where they first met.  On the shoot, Sean and the STA production team worked alongside Benedict and Don Chachere, president and grandson of “ole master” of fine Cajun cuisine himself, Tony Chachere.  Don is featured in the behind-the-scenes video.



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