American Flatbread

Everybody, turn up your radios!  Listen for our new “Honestly Delicious” radio campaign for American Flatbread Pizza airing beginning March 5th all over New England.

STA is very excited to have created, planned, and executed American Flatbread’s first major multi-state media run. American Flatbread is undoubtedly the highest quality, natural and organic frozen pizza on the market.  As you’ll hear in our music, and the new positioning we created, it’s “honestly delicious.”  This hand-made, artisan quality, wood fired pizza is the best you’ll ever taste.  Just ask, “Everyday with Rachael Ray”, “The New York Times”, and “Real Simple” all who rated American Flatbread’s pizzas the overall best frozen pizza that money can buy.  STA once again worked with our favorite music composer, Dan Serafini of Nashville, TN to create the custom music piece for the radio spot.

So if your driving around next week keep your ears peeled for the catchy jingle featured below!




Got A Clue? The Case of a “Secretive” Bank Re-Brand

Sean Tracey Associates has been working on an extremely top-secret project.  We  renamed, re-branded, and re-introduced two venerable Massachusetts banks, Citizens-Union Savings Bank and the Bank of Fall River, to become BayCoast Bank.

After delving into quantitative research that showed a “dormant brand” and conducting our own quantitative “man-on-the-street” interviews, we moved to Phase II of our process:  Senior Management Brand Workshops to determine where the banks wanted to and should go with the brand.  Then, we formed a committee from both banks to rename the new, merged institution.  After coming up with over 300 possible names, narrowing to 70, then to about 25, we began research into the trademark-ability of the new names.  The final name was chosen by the bank executives, marketing department, and Board of Trustees.  But we wanted current and potential customers to feel they had some “stake” in the new name…

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STA’s Pro Bono Work for NH Homeless Shelter

Cross Roads House opened its doors in 1982 to assist homeless individuals and families. They have since become the largest emergency and transitional shelter in New Hampshire, serving eastern New Hampshire and southern Maine. 2012 marked the 30th year that Cross Roads House has been providing shelter to the homeless in the Seacoast area. Cross Roads House predicts that they have provided over 500,000 nights of shelter to over 5,000 different people, and over 500 families. They currently house up to 96 people on any given night, and their emergency shelter is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sean Tracey Associates has produced and donated a series of videos since 2005, which have been showcased at Cross Roads House’s annual fund raising events. STA’s films highlight the inspirational stories of residents’ lives and give the audience a chilling perspective of their reality.  The videos have helped raise awareness, and funding for Cross Roads House, allowing for renovation of the new Cross Roads House building, which was completed in 2009. The video shot this year was unique, due to the fact that Cross Roads House was celebrating such a monumental anniversary. For this occasion, STA produced a video that shows a retrospective look at some of Cross Roads Houses’ former residents whose lives were transformed after their stay at the shelter. We are so proud to be associated with such a wonderful nonprofit organization and with such selfless people who go the distance to help their residents move with dignity and purpose from homelessness to stable and decent housing.

Mark Rydell Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to our friend Mark Rydell for being honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by LA United Film Festival!

The award will be given out on Thursday April 26 at 8 PM at the Vista Theater, at which time they will be screening On Golden Pond which Rydell was nominated for an Oscar as best director.  Then on April 28 at 4:30 PM at the Los Feliz Cinema they will be screening the STA produced short film Good Men which Rydell starred in along with Ed Asner.

We are delighted for Mark, can’t think of anyone who deserves it more, buddy!

Casino at Hampton Beach

Get ready for the new fantastic lineup at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom!

This year the Ballroom has a lot of new changes, many of which brought along by the work here at STA.  Through large amounts of research, as well as numerous focus groups that polled both current customers and the general public, STA implemented both organizational and physical changes to the venue, along with a new marketing approach.  STA worked hand in hand with Andrew Herrick, Director of Marketing at the Casino Ballroom to both ensure and show that the Casino Ballroom has the most intimate live experience and some of the most interesting “heritage” of any live music and entertainment venue in New England.

Some of the major marketing changes this led to include the new TV spot, which you can see below.  A new and improved logo (seen on the left) and motto, “See it. Hear it. Live it. Live.”

Also, look for the shout out to STA and more information about the re-branding in this article, on and be sure to look at Casino Ballroom’s 2012 schedule.  It’s going to be amazing!

Do You Know?

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Good Men Sold Out Screening @ NHFF

Sean Tracey and Brian Connors at Good Men Q&A

After Screening Party

Over four full days, from October 13th to 16th,  from morning till night, the  New Hampshire Film Festival made Portsmouth “the film center of New England”.   Days filled with top notch films from around the world—popcorn (of course) and nights celebrating and rubbing elbows with filmmakers, producers, directors, writers and film lovers from all over the country.  The NHFF is always a great success, not only because of the excellent job that the organization does, but also  the nature of our picturesque town allowing walking distance to all the screening venues and dozens of great restaurants to cleanse your creative palate between one film and the next.  Our community is small and warm and has always supported the arts.   NHFF got validated further last year, landing Francis Ford Coppola Winery as a lead sponsor.  We’re happy to report that Good Men,  Sean Tracey Associates  latest film, starring Ed Asner and Mark Rydell and written and directed by Brain Connors, had over 600 people attend and a sold out screening on Sunday.   What’s next?  Stay tuned for news of our next film…until then 😉