Interactive Creative Seminars


Sean giving one of his many unique branding and marketing workshops.

Sean Tracey leads lively, interactive seminars, professional development workshops, and speaks about creativity, branding, TV production and advertising.  If you are interested in having Sean Tracey present or lead a workshop for your group, please contact us. Click here or here to see a clip of Sean speaking.

Sean’s newest workshop focuses on refining the branding/marketing process in a presentation called Sean’s ABC’s of Marketing. From Audacious Advertising and BHAG Branding (having a Big Hairy Audacious Goal) to Concise Creative and Dogged Development, Sean breaks down this marketing technique into simple, fun, and productive steps. Think Bigfoot (that’s right, Sasquatch): it creates a big footprint and leaves you wanting to see and learn more. This presentation will leave you ready to make an impression.

and Creativate II: Tactics in a Down Economy can be held as an interactive, “roll-your-sleeves-up-and-get-your-brain-going” workshop or a more traditional presentation (Sean speaks while your group listens and/or chows down on lunch or dinner). Both offer helpful and inspiring tools and techniques for marketers and advertisers to come up with new ideas and solutions to their marketing challenges.  Sean proves that everyone can be creative.  Creativate in a Down Economy focuses on low cost and guerilla solutions.

Branding Schmanding addresses and dissects brand positioning, brand personality, strategic campaign concepts and instructs on how to understand and articulate your brand positioning—with a sensitivity toward the consumer’s point of reference.

tvs not dead
TV’s Not Dead focuses on the choice of tv and motion media, how to create good creative, and identifying good and bad creative.

hurt logo

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Brand will help you identity whether proposed advertising concepts and ideas could potentially HELP or HURT  your brand and build its “singular distinction” —before it’s TOO LATE and the damage is done.  This session has amazing examples of major brands making major mistakes.  FUN, but a bit scary!

Sean Tracey’s Speaking and Seminar Leading Experience

American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAAs) Miami International Creative Conference – Seminar Leader

Canadian Advertising Association, Toronto – Seminar Leader

Adweek’s New York City Marketing and Advertising Conference –   Session Leader

Adweek’s Boston Creative Conference – Featured Speaker

New England Society Healthcare Communications (NESHCo) – 2008 Session Leader, 2009 Closing Keynote Speaker, 2010 Closing Keynote Speaker

New England Financial Marketing Association (NEFMA) – 2010 Speaker

Florida Society for Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing (FSHPRM) – Keynote Speaker

Emerson College, Graduate Communication Course – Guest Speaker

Marketing Communication Agency Network (MCAN) – Featured Speaker

Conference on Ethics in Healthcare Communications, Emerson College, Boston –Keynote Speaker

Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development of the American Hospital Association Chicago Conference 2005 – Seminar Leader

National Conference of Ethics in TV Communication, Emerson College, Boston – Speaker/Panelist

Connecticut Ad Club – Professional Development Seminar Leader

Maine Marketing Association – 2 Times Featured Speaker for “Lunch & Learn” series

New Hampshire Creative Club – Featured Speaker

Jacksonville Ad Federation – Keynote Speaker

Daytona Ad Federation – Keynote Speaker

Syracuse Ad Club – Keynote Speaker

Memphis Ad Federation – Keynote Speaker

Bright House Cable Network (Southeast Region and the Caribbean) – 2005 and 2006 Professional Development Seminar leader in Creativity Training

What Presentation Attendees have to say

“Just got back from NESHCo conference at Westbrook.  The workshop was great.  I had a blast!”

Jasper Grey.  Keene, NH

“NEFMA was awesome last week.  great speakers, including Sean Tracey.  My group enjoyed the examples ads you showed…Creative brainstorming was fun, too.  Wish we’d have more time!”

—Kira Morehouse, Bedford, NH

“Yesterday was our best creative seminar we have had yet. The brainstorming tips and exercises were great. Sean helped build a bridge between the Account Executive’s and Creative Service’s cultures by sharing experiences as an expert and relating to them.”
—Frank Delle, Manager, Creative Services & Promotions, Bright House Networks

“We recently had Sean Tracey and he is fabulous – this was the second time we had him speak.”                                                                                       —Sarah Downs, Programming Director for Maine Marketing Association

“As usual your ‘best’ was perfect!  Thank you for your presentation.  I had been looking forward to it for weeks…and am looking forward to future presentations.”
–Nancy Belanger, Portsmouth, NH

“An excellent presentation. Helps me to rethink creative strategy.”
–New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo) Presentation Attendee

“In the world of sales we constantly remind our reps to take a stand if the offer, frequency, or message is wrong for a customer. It’s the toughest decision for a rep to make. Sean’s message regarding telling the client NO when appropriate is right on the mark!”
—James Atkinson, Memphis, TN

“Best presentation of the conference! Please have Sean present at future conferences.”
–New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo) Presentation Attendee

“Fun–must have more!”
–New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo) Presentation Attendee

“You helped me think about my own parish’s branding in terms of what is our values a la Johnson ‘better parenting business’ and also doing more to think about our target market.”
–Adrian Robbins-Cole, Rector of All Saints, Episcopal Diocese


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