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BayCoast “Just Right” Campaign

This past October, Sean Tracey Associates re-branded and renamed Citizens-Union Savings Bank and Bank of Fall River to as BayCoast Bank.  Since then, STA has been working on an innovative marketing plan intended to raise awareness and create a buzz for the new bank. With the bank’s respected history of community involvement and philanthropy in mind, STA devised a campaign that would educate and enlighten the public of their contributions, while also finding a new way to give back to local charities—under the “direction” of the community itself!  The idea—crowd sourcing. We placed a podium all over the South Coast to learn what people think is Just Right. The campaign has produced some truly inspiring and emotional responses!  For example, one of the most popular print ads running now reads, “Just Right is…giving the troops our support.”   We even helped BayCoast trademark their new Just Right™ slogan, conceived by STA’s Creative Director, Sean Tracey.  This creative platform was presented to BayCoast during the early stage of our relationship, and was integral in STA winning the new bank’s account as agency-of-record over a number of other agencies from all over New England.

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Got A Clue? The Case of a “Secretive” Bank Re-Brand

Sean Tracey Associates has been working on an extremely top-secret project.  We  renamed, re-branded, and re-introduced two venerable Massachusetts banks, Citizens-Union Savings Bank and the Bank of Fall River, to become BayCoast Bank.

After delving into quantitative research that showed a “dormant brand” and conducting our own quantitative “man-on-the-street” interviews, we moved to Phase II of our process:  Senior Management Brand Workshops to determine where the banks wanted to and should go with the brand.  Then, we formed a committee from both banks to rename the new, merged institution.  After coming up with over 300 possible names, narrowing to 70, then to about 25, we began research into the trademark-ability of the new names.  The final name was chosen by the bank executives, marketing department, and Board of Trustees.  But we wanted current and potential customers to feel they had some “stake” in the new name…

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