You Say You Want An AD-volution…

Sean Tracey Associates (STA) was launched 25 years ago by Sean Tracey, a young advertising and television production phenom. Emboldened by youth and talent, he left his lucrative “national agency” job behind to establish a thriving advertising and marketing firm in Portsmouth, NH (less than an hour outside Boston and considered to be one of the coolest places to reside in America). Along the way, he built a company of talented, like-minded professionals—all working together to forge loyal, long-term relationships with satisfied clients in every industry, ranging from regional financial institutions to WellPoint, the largest healthcare company in America.

Together we created much more than a successful ad firm; we engineered a comfortable, family-friendly lifestyle on the New Hampshire seacoast. Our clients loved our guts (“You were making how much in New York?!”), our innovation, our passion and our uncanny knack for growing their businesses.

Life was good. Then the world changed.

Increased consumer savvy combined with technological innovation cleaned the slate. Now we’re ALL starting from scratch. STA, by nature, was nimble and quick on its feet. We observed and evolved, and were surprised to look back and find some of our most fierce competitors running more than a bit behind schedule.

Our Recipe for Success in the New Media Era
We began by replacing costly agency-fixed overhead (40 + staff and pricey, impressive real estate) with a streamlined core staff of talented professionals—all highly-skilled with cutting-edge media technology. Next we constructed a consortium of talented independent professionals from all over the world (U.S., Canada and beyond) who we knew from experience could deliver the goods. The result was customized client creative teams that delivered better results and faster turnaround at a lower cost. Wow.

Bigelow Tea was impressed. So was Anthem Healthcare. So we took it a step further and launched our innovative consumer engagement program, GenConnect, which studies new media social behavior and brand perceptions within targeted generational demographics. This discovery process helps us accurately identify what mindset your target consumers are in while interacting with a variety of media at any given time. By aligning the message with the mindset, our approach permeates consumer consciousness and constructs authentic relationships.

Now STA is launching LatinLink, our new division formed to help marketers and advertisers connect with the fast-growing, upwardly mobile Hispanic population in New England and throughout the U.S.  Our Latino native-Spanish-speaking staff understand not only the language, but the cultural messaging needed to communicate with the Latin market.

The result? A successful (we’re happy to report) and excitingly-unique marketing and advertising company that produces national quality, ROI-proven numbers at a very surprising price-point. Our experienced, tech-savvy team works smart to assure that all our clients meet their most challenging brand objectives.

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