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Dead River Oil Heats Up!

Picture 3STA was contracted by Portland, Maine agency Creative Design and Marketing for their client Dead River oil Company, to produce two brand and one product-specific TV commercials for their EasyCAP price protection program. Ken Kraus, CD&M’s Creative Director, wrote the spots. STA former client and current friend, Lisa Morrissette, moved from NECU to Dead River to take over Public Relations and Marketing about a year ago, and wanted to get STA involved in the very critical branding work for her new company. Filming happened in March where STA scouted to find the last remnants of snow in the upper regions of Maine. The shoot went digital, shot with the state-of-the-art RED 4K, HD camera. Morrissette commented, “ Visually…the spot is beautiful. And there’s a level of comfort that it evokes.  The imagery/footage of the home, Picture 4landscape, and the truck is striking.  I have been receiving very positive feedback on the TV spot. And the phones are ringing and the new accounts are coming in, so it’s all good .”

To view the EasyCap commercial, click here.

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Small Steps to National Coverage

Green is a common theme that most companies have recently started promoting.  For Marcal paper products, going green is not a new phenomenon—they have been using recycled materials for over 50 years.  According to AdWeek’s recent article, “the idea of touting its green roots just occurred to the company last year as the brand’s new owners, Highland Capital Management, did some market research.”  The research revealed that “consumers primarily saw Marcal as a value product, but the modern-day family has also expressed a willingness to buy green when three attributes are present: price, performance and sustainability, and Marcal has all of those.”

The nationally broadcast TV spot, recently filmed and edited by Sean Tracey Associates, shows a bird flying into a tree to feed its young. “This tree was not created to become a paper towel. It has bigger jobs to do,” a voiceover says.


So while many companies are still going for bigger, better, and plusher, Marcal’s new advertisement gets consumers to ask themselves “How green is my toilet paper?”

To read the full Adweek Article, “Marcal Gets in the Thick of It,” click here.
To view the national broadcast TV spot, clic
k here.

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Marketing To Hispanics

By  Lina Carrillo Tracey

According to the 2008 estimates of the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the other insular areas of the United States was 305,986,357. Hispanics comprise approximately 18.3 percent of that population. They constitute an untapped marketing target for all types of enterprise – both companies that market products and those that provide services.  It makes good sense to choose Financial Institutions as the businesses that would benefit most from targeting their marketing efforts to Hispanics.
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LatinLink visits Emerson College

Lina Tracey presents at Emerson College

Lina presents at Emerson College

Thanks to Dr. Gregory Payne and his Global Communication graduate class at Emerson College for inviting STA’s newest division, LatinLink , and Lina Tracey on February 25th and March 23rd to give a presentation on the influence of Hispanics in the U.S.  “By learning Hispanics’ history in the US and properly identifying their different levels of acculturation, we are in much better shape to target this market and its growing buying power,” Lina commented.  These Emerson College appearances gave LatinLink an interesting perspective from students of different latitudes of the world about how Latinos are shaping our society and the misconceptions that this ethnic group carries.

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