Abey’s Bio

Hey Guys,

I’m Abey Varghese from India. Its been 2 months that I’ve been working here at STA as a production trainee. It was a totally new world to me with new people,place,culture and climate etc…

Sean Tracey,Founder & Creative Director, has been more of a mentor than a Boss. He is friendly and a knowledge hub to learn from. Several client projects have made it possible for me to understand & work on because of his creative inputs and timely corrections. Also Sean ,Lina (His wife ,Finance Manager STA) and their two kids (Victor & Siara) are more like a family to me rather than co-workers. When someone asks me whether I miss my home I always reply saying, “ These guys are not letting me miss my home…”

In the office it’s fun and great working with Andrea Knowles (Production Manager)  Debbie and Tom Cummings (Intern). Everyone around is very helpful to me in whatever ways they can. Altogether its been a good place till now. Its all God’s grace.

Any enthusiastic person would love working here because of the systematic and dynamic work culture that STA possesses.

Love you STA….




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